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Piste-Off is the website for skiers and snowboarders who have become 'disillusioned' with the commercialism and crowds at the big downhill resorts in Europe and North America.

Worldwide Adventure Skiing

Site last updated on Tuesday 23rd March 2015.

We aim to provide information and contacts on ski mountaineering, ski touring, off-piste skiing and piste skiing at the worlds wilder and more off-beat ski resorts.  We also run a small number of courses and expeditions  in some of the more interesting places to go ski-mountaineering.

The 4th edition of this unique guidebook to the Andes was published in early March 2015.  An entirely up-to-date and much revised book, the 4th edition has much expanded coverage of ski-mountaineering opportunities in the Andes, and loads of inspiring skiing photos. Also details of how to climb all hundred of the 6000m peaks in South America, plus many 5000m peaks and the most prominent Patagonian peaks.

For further information or to buy this book please see the Andes Guidebooks page on the ANDES website.



I run a small number of courses and expeditions through my main business ANDES. The links below will take you to details on this website for  the Scottish & European ski touring courses I run, and details on the Andes website for the South American ski trips I run to Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.

Arctic Norway Ski Touring 2015

Scottish Ski Mountaineering   no fixed dates, but ask for details

Argentine Ski Explorer 2015  (links to ANDES website)


On this site

Courses and Expeditions Scheduled ski touring courses and expeditions in Scotland, Europe and South America run through my main business 'Andes'.
Worldwide Expeditions & Tours  Reports, photos and info from ski-mountaineering expeditions and holidays to the more remote areas around the world like the Tien Shan, Andes and New Zealand.
Alpine Ski Mountaineering Reports, photos and info from Alpine ski-mountaineering and ski-touring trips.
Worldwide Ski Resorts Reports and photos from some of the worlds most off beat ski resorts, in Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania. Plus one or two weird places in the Alps, Tatra and Pyrenees in Europe....
World Snow, Glacier & Resort  Index The countries of the world classified as to whether they have glaciers, reliable snow cover, occasional snow cover or no known snow. Also whether they have resort facilities.
Photo Galleries Photos of  Off-piste Skiing and Snowboarding and Ski Mountaineering from all over the planet.
Equipment Skis, Boots, Bindings and Avalanche Accessories.  Links to some Equipment Retailers and Manufacturers.
Links Worldwide Off-Piste and Ski Mountaineering Links.

 Signposts & Warnings  A new photo gallery with some weird signposts and warnings from around the world, thanks to David Roberts.

Crazy Ski Lifts  On a similar note, some of the more bizarre ski lifts and tows I have used around the world.

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